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Meredith Leavens Ries M.Ed., LCPC 
Holistic Health Coach  

I am driven by the belief that a trusting therapeutic relationship is essential in supporting people to move toward their personal and/or relationship goals.  My role, as a therapist, is to help my clients find strength within themselves to acknowledge life problems, patterns, challenges, and increase emotional awareness.  I strive to create a safe and compassionate relationship and environment, where the client can prosper and thrive. 


I received my graduate degree from Montana State University in Counseling and received my state LCPC license through the state of Montana.  Throughout the years as a counselor, I have gained expertise and experience working with adults and couples with their individual and relationship journeys. I continue to increase my knowledge and skills through engaging in ongoing consultation and training with nationally known psychotherapists and counselors. 

My practice specialty continues to be supporting individual adults as well as couples with life adjustments, life challenges and directions, relational/communication challenges, anxiety, as well as depression, relationship conflicts, safety within relationships, self-esteem issues, and building confidence and mindfulness.  I also have a passion for coaching/guiding individuals to discover, navigate, and reach both short and long term goals. Through counseling, mindful awareness, behavioral modifications, and lifestyle changes, it is possible to reclaim peace and joy in life. You will see transformation in yourself, others and in your relationships. 

Counseling enables individuals and couples to learn and improve on positive coping skills, change communication patterns, and increase strategies that support healing and personal growth for themselves and their relationships.  These abilities will help to build and improve relationships and promote a positive outlook and balance. Counseling can provide a safe place to explore feelings and behaviors, and make positive life long changes.  

I will collaborate with you to uncover emotional obstacles to discover strategies to work through difficult issues.  Together, we will identify and explore areas/issues that may be causing you and/or your partner discomfort/distress, and help you to work toward positive lifelong changes.  I will help guide you to find the well-being and balance in your life that you are searching for.  I welcome your call.  Be well!

Meredith is offering packages at this time for her Emotional Eating Solution 6 Month Coaching course.


She specializes in working with women 30+ end binge and emotional eating and lose the weight, finding the confidence they have dreamed of. 

Meredith trained with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and has years of experience helping clients end binge and emotional eating and stop the battle with food for good.  For more information on the health coaching please

Alison Travis, LICSW


We would like to welcome Alison to our practice after many years of experience in private practice and psychological counseling at Harvard.


*Alison is taking new clients* 

Through a wealth of life experience, I bring to the practice, knowledge and the ability to relate to others who are going through a challenging time.  I focus on issues related to depression, anxiety, trauma, grief/bereavement, and life/transition issues. I have experience working with clients who feel lonely or are navigating through empty nest emotions.  I have worked with clients in many stages of adulthood to navigate the different nuances of life.  


With over 20 years of experience, I continue to enjoy working with adults who are seeking support.  I have worked extensively with trauma as well as grief and loss.  If you are feeling lonely or that life has lost purpose I would love to help you realign with where you would like to be. I hope to help strengthen your quality of life through personal awareness and growth.

Through my private practice experiences and my work as a counselor at Harvard, I pull from an eclectic approach.  I use techniques from all schools of therapy, to best meet the needs of the client. While sharing in the journey through therapy, we work to gain deeper insight into the self, navigate emotional pain, build inner resources/strength, and gain new coping skills.




I welcome your call or email to connect today. 


The Office

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